[RENUE] Fast Dissolve NMN™ 快速溶解高效技術補充品 NMN™ 片劑 240粒裝

零售價錢 $1,180.00

RENUE此產品藥片可以咀嚼吞服或舌底吸收服用。無論哪種方式,一定比例的 NMN 直接被吸收到血液中,並且很容易被全身細胞吸收,而不會像膠囊那樣在胃中幾乎完全降解影響效果。

產品介紹 – –NAD+ 產品的生物利用度非常差,除非使用可以保護成分免於消化的遞送方式。如普通膠囊服用時,只有不到 10% 的 NMN 或 NR 完好無損地進入血液。

為了解決這個問題,我們在 2016 年率先推出了 NMN 舌下服藥從那時起通過鼻內、透皮和脂質體 NMN 產品進一步推進了該行業提升技術。我們比較過突出此技術的獨特優勢,以幫助您確定哪種產品適合您。產地美國。

#主要成份每粒含量: NMN 125mg  |  甜菜碱 25mg [甜菜碱是AMPK激活劑與NMN有良好的協同效應]

  • 方便攜帶| 速效持久 | 最快認知效果 | 提升能量 | 最佳生物利用度 | 每毫克的最佳成本 | 最佳整體價值
  • 此產品獲取cGMP 認證 和 FDA 批准的設施中製造的  *快速溶解技術  *每粒含 125 毫克NMN   * 100% 天然和酶促 NMN   *非轉基因生產   *素食者適用   *經第3方測試純度和安全性

#建議服食指引 : 每天服兩粒 或含在舌底讓其完全溶解吸收均可。 [持續服食四個月效果為佳]  基本一樽可服四個月 , 如年老人士或身體弱 例如; 60幾~70歲以上可每天服三粒 ; 懷孕或哺乳的母親、18歲以下的兒童以及患有已知疾病的人士有可能不適合服用 , 應購買前諮詢您的家庭醫生為佳。

📎現新貨發售, 如售罄仍接受照常下單 ~ 大約10天左右 (依據美國假期為準) 另兼有頭7天樽口自然損壞之更換保證一次 (註:需依照本司指引提供一切相關資料作準 , 並保留最終決定權)

容量 240粒裝
配送費 適用中國/香港/澳門
配送方式 快遞

如果您購物此產品,您將會獲得 1180 積分 ,價值 $59.00!

These tablets can be chewed or used sublingually (under the tongue). Either way, a percentage of the NMN is absorbed directly to the bloodstream and is readily available to cells throughout the body, rather than being almost totally degraded in the stomach as capsules are (r).

DESCRIPTION—NAD+ products have very poor bioavailability unless a delivery method is used that can protect the ingredient from digestion. When taken in regular capsules, less than 10% of NMN or NR make it to the bloodstream intact. To address this problem, in 2016 we pioneered Sublingual delivery of NMN, and since then have advanced the industry further with Intranasal, Transdermal, and Liposomal NMN products.

Here we compare each of these, highlighting their unique strengths to help you decide which product is right for you.

  • cGMP Certified – This product was made in an FDA approved facility
  • Fast Dissolve technology
  • 100% Natural and Enzymatic NMN
  • 240 tablets / 125 mg NMN each
  • Non-GMO production
  • 3rd party Lab Tested for Purity and Safety
  • Suggested Use: Take two tablets daily or place under the tongue to dissolve completely. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and those with known medical conditions should consult a physician before use. *All RENUE series of products are manufactured in the United States under rigorous pharmaceutical and cGMP protocols.



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