MYCLI WHO WE ARE ~ Pioneers of skin self-correction

MyCli 團隊 由專門用於技術和科學研究的所有培訓內容支持。 我們是誰 MyCli 由一群意大利美容醫學專家創立在2007,是第一個將最好的抗衰老技術與最有效的營養補充劑相結合的意大利品牌。
The first Italian company specializing in anti-aging. We combine the best cosmetic technologies with high-performance nutraceutical molecules. SKIN BODY MIND The virtuous circle of longevity
MyCli was founded over 10 years ago by a team of Italian experts in aesthetic medicine. Today, MyCli is part of Unifarco, an Italian Group that has gathered together a community of renowned European pharmacists focused on a unique scientific and entrepreneurial project. Our mission is to counteract the biological processes of cellular and functional aging. To achieve this, it is paramount to activate the virtuous circle skin-body-mind – taking care of yourself, maintaining mental and physical well-being, defending and stimulating biological skin processes.
Aesthetics and Sustainability Our environment needs anti-aging, too Our challenge is to minimize our impact on the environment while creating a luxurious experience for our users. We make this by studying low-impact substances and processes and using innovative packaging and materials. Sustainability is a core value that runs through all of our corporate functions to protect the physical, social and cultural environment where we live and work, creating a new ideal of well-being.
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